Cry for Eden is a female fronted orchestral rock band hailing from Portland, OR. Cry for Eden’s first debut concept album “The 11th Hour” centers around contemplating the human condition in modern times while promoting a positive, respectful and conscious lifestyle.

This project was created to promote awareness and understanding of the times in which we live and to share a positive view about the changes we can make in our life to positively influence other people. Change occurs when we ourselves look within and make a change first – example is better than precept.

Cry for Eden asks each once of us to question our own life – what is our purpose for living, for the things we do in life, and how does that affect other people, the environment, animals, etc., and what can we do to make it better.

We hope that the music which has been created is inspiring to you and in some small way contributes towards promotion of the positive values of life that help us learn and develop in the great journey of life which we are all part of!

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